Joey Bada$$ has claimed he’s gone two months and seven days without smoking weed.

The rapper shared the news in an Instagram Stories post. This, of course, prompted a lot of fans to question his decision to stop smoking, with it being a big part of hip-hop culture after all.

The Flatbush rapper responded by posting another slide to his story, which you can view below, explaining his choice and urging young fans to quit smoking weed and take up meditation instead.

Joey Bada$$ claimed he felt “1000x better, focused, and functional” and that – in his opinion – smoking is for older people who have worked hard and are looking to relax. Young people, who still have a lot to achieve, should stay focused until they reach a certain level before they start smoking again.

Things then took a turn down conspiracy lane when the rapper claimed that weed was being legalized so that it can be used as a “control tactic.”

Peep screenshots from his story above and then let us know if you agree with Joey Bada$$’s take on smoking weed in the comments.

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  • Photography: Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

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