In a new video interview with GQ, John Goodman breaks down his most iconic characters throughout his career, from Monsters, Inc, to Roseanne, to The Big Lebowski and 10 Cloverfield Lane. Watch above.

The 17-minute-long clip kicks off with 2001 Pixar movie Monsters, Inc,  with Goodman stating he decided to do the project for his daughter, as he brought her up on cartoons. However, while animated films sound easy and it was really fun to make, actually the process was "pretty tiring."

Speaking about The Big Lebowski, Goodman said that "people have always asked me if we improvised the dialogue, and I couldn't have improvised anything as good as (director duo) Joel and Ethan (Coen) did ... plus the dialogue was just so damn good." He added that he's still super proud of that film, which you'd think was a given considering it spawned such a huge cult following, one that is so popular it has its own religion.

Find out more about how Goodman feels about his most iconic roles via the video above.

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