It is a tradition among shoe craftsmen to celebrate and honor Saint Crépin, the Patron Saint of Shoes, by showcasing their most prized creations. This year, John Lobb partakes in the tradition with the release of the Fowey ankle boot. This limited edition style proves that while the shoemaker may have dipped into sneakers and films, its first and foremost expertise is formal footwear. Deemed as the label's "the most intricate and complex shoe" of 2015, the Fowey boasts six weeks of a crafting process from start to finish per pair.

The style is extremely lightweight and simplistic with only one eyelet on each side, its upper hand-sewn from two pieces of calf leather. The elongated almond-shape toe and glossy sheen make the shoe extremely elegant, thanks to the hand-glazing method that carefully compacts the grain of the leather. The Fowey comes with plum, black and navy uppers, all tanned by applying natural dyes layer by layer for a subtle tone degradation. Goodyear welts finish off the piece, which ensures durability and comfort.

Only 1,000 pairs have been produced. Each is individually stamped with its number and comes in a unique blue box. Available for $2,505.

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