Love him or hate him, there can be no doubting that John Mayer knows how to get a 'fit off.  Once a lovelorn balladeer whose existence would be confined to your mom's car CD-player, Mayer has undergone a chrysalis-like transformation into one of menswear's most trusted and constantly intriguing voices.

Mayer loves streetwear. Like, he loves it more than you could ever imagine. He's collaborated with the likes of NEIGHBORHOOD and KAWS; he's friends with Hiroki Nakamura, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Kazuki Kuraishi AND James Jebbia; and he famously owns one of the biggest visvim collections in the world. Basically, think of a user experiencing a pleasurable fever dream — that's Mayer's daily life.

With his kimono jackets, Tibetan robes, and white Stratocaster guitar, watching Mayer perform on stage is akin to observing some sort of Americana Jedi at work. He not only knows streetwear; he understands it, and rarely falls into the rich person trap of looking like some ostentatious goof by rocking too many labels at once. "'I've got a rule: You only get a certain amount of flair points, and you can't spend too many points on one outfit," he previously told GQ.

You might hate his music, but you can't deny his steeze. I mean, this is the same guy that made Costco sneakers viral. Below, we've rounded up a selection of shots which prove that Mayer is the undisputed jawnz king.

Pretty in Pink

Alright, so we said above that Mayer never falls into the trap of looking like an ostentatious goof, but every person has their off days. And still, he deserves props for the ambition — who else, apart from Drake, would have the balls to rock a pink Stone Island combination? Would an English soccer casual involuntarily vomit when shown this photo? Possibly, but we still dig it. Props for the BAPE x NEIGHBORHOOD x adidas Superstar creps, too.

Hey Presto

Mayer loves ACRONYM and was recently on record declaring his admiration for founder Errolson Hugh. A committed sneakerhead all his life, he can regularly be spotted rocking the ACRONYM x NikeLab Air Presto Mid. Here, he provides a lesson in how to pull off the "Hot Lava" iteration, pairing them up with some tech joggers and a Nike ACG Alpine Jacket.


Another day, another lesson in tech ninja. Imagine how many plectrums must have been lost in the pockets of those ACRONYM P10A-S Gabardine Articulated Cargo Pants? Mayer flagged up the ACRONYM x NikeLab Air Presto as the best sneaker of 2016 — we totally agreed with him.

Prep Level: Expert

Ah, the famous Ralph Lauren teddy bear sweater. A one-stop cop to achieving wholesome, preppy goodness. Here, Mayer elevates the sweater to new heights by pairing it with a $281,500 (!) Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon platinum watch and some WTAP jeans. Only the old Kanye could make it look as good.

Looking snappy

By this point it's no doubt clear that Mayer is a bit of a Stan for Japanese streetwear brands. Here, he's braving the elements in a BAPE x Neighborhood Shark Jacket. The full collection released in January and included two Rolex watches designed in tandem with the Bamford Watch Department. We bet he bought 10 of each.

One of the secrets behind Mayer's fits is his masterful use of accessories. Here, the crooner showcases his NanoJesus, bought from Ben Baller for "like $800." Mayer proclaimed it the "tiniest chain in music" and had his album title, The Search For Everything, lasered on the back by a one-of-a-kind engraving machine in Estonia. Dope BAPE Ape, too.

Louis Vuitton luggage is for ballers only. Limited edition Vintage Mickey x Louis Vuitton luggage? Well, that's something else entirely.

Patchwork Perfection

We already mentioned how Mayer is a high roller with a jam-packed Rolodex of fashion friends, so lo and behold, here he is chilling with United Arrows founder, Poggy. How do you impress upon a living, breathing street style phenomenon, exactly? Turning up in a $495 flannel shirt from Kapital — one of Japan's best-kept streetwear secrets — is a good start.

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