Forget your YEEZYs, forget your NMDs, forget all of that hyped-up bullshit. Since Jack Wagner a.k.a. Versace Tamagotchi flipped his Costco Kirkland 11 sneakers to John Mayer for $700 USD, the $17 shoe has become the only sneaker worth having.

Naturally, those monumental lines snaking from your nearest Costco, as sneakerheads and fashionistas alike wait for their chance to cop the holy grail, have given rise to an unscrupulous black market in fake Kirkland 11s.

But fear not, for the new lord of the dad, John Mayer, has pointed out the important details in the stitching and size tag to confirm if they’re legit or not. Check it out in the clip below.

Thanks, John. For more terrible footwear, we critiqued Amazon's best budget sneakers under $50.

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