John Travolta has discovered a historical error in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in HollywoodIn an interview with The Wrap, the actor and self-proclaimed "aviation nerd" pointed out a fault in Tarantino’s script when it came to airplane representation.

In addition to being a world-famous actor, Travolta is also a licensed pilot, and his extensive knowledge of aviation history is how he noticed the error. “Leonardo [DiCaprio] is going home from Italy or wherever he was, and the narrator says that he took a 747,” Travolta explained. “Well, the 747 had its test flight in February 1969, but it went into service in January 1970. They’re nine months off! He would have been on a Boeing 707!”

Despite spotting the mistake, Travolta admits he still enjoyed the movie and its accurate depiction of Hollywood in that era. "I remember being there in the city when all of this was happening. I remember being scared because of Sharon Tate being killed. It triggered far more real memories than anything from filming Pulp Fiction."

The actor whose celebrity is largely credited to his role in Pulp Fiction, also revealed he's keen to work with Tarantino again if it happens "organically."

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