It seems like the only thing Johnny Depp is capable of doing nowadays is making limitless Pirates of the Caribbean sequels and intimidating members of the Australian government over his personal pets. But it turns out that the actor still has a bit of the ol’ quirky Johnny spark left in him, as his newly announced role sounds like one of his most bizarre yet. He will be taking the lead in a film called Labyrinth, which concerns one detective’s quest for the truth in the murder of Tupac and Biggie.

Yes you read that correctly and are not having a fever dream. Labyrinth, in no way related to the David Bowie puppet musical, is based on a novel of the same name by Randall Sullivan. It follows the plights of real-life detective Russell Poole, an LAPD detective who finds himself embroiled in the investigation of the dual-murders of hip-hop’s reigning icons. Johnny Depp will of course play Poole, and though it sounds like an uncharacteristically serious role for the actor, no doubt he’ll find a way to make it more whimsical.

This is but the latest film to join the Tupac bandwagon. Earlier this summer saw a teaser for All Eyez on Me, a comprehensive biopic of the late Mr. Shakur that will also feature actor Jamal Woolard reprising his role as Biggie from the film Notorious.

Stay tuned for further release information on Labyrinth.

In other film news, check out the second trailer for the upcoming documentary on the world's favorite mystery-artist Saving Banksy.

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