Jonah Hill and Her director Spike Jonze are teaming up on a live stage show about the Beastie Boys.

Hill, still riding high on the success of his directorial debut Mid90s, took to Instagram yesterday to reveal the news. The production will be titled Beastie Boys Story and will be based on the band's 2018 memoir Beastie Boys Book. Jonze is directing the show, with Hill producing the filming of the performances in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, which take place next month.

In his Instagram caption, Hill said he was "absolutely honored" to be part of the project, citing both the band and Jonze as personal heroes. Check out the post below.

In an interview with Collider last year, Hill spoke of Jonze's influence on Mid90s, saying the movie would have been totally different had it not been for his peer's input.

“Originally the movie was about something completely different, but it kept flashing back to the main character when he was with his friends when he was 12,” Hill said. “And Spike said to me, 'You look less enthused when you’re talking about the A story and you light up like a Christmas tree when you’re talking about the other stuff.'”

Tickets for Beastie Boys Story in Philadelphia and Brooklyn are available now. Head here for more info.

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