Jonathan Saunders

Ok, so first off, this is NSFW. The title may have clued you in. Secondly, the word ‘erotic’ is kind 0f funny at this time in the morning, no? Anyway, that aside, this is a must-watch. Jonathan Saunders celebrates ten years of his successful brand with a sharp, dark and clever short film entitled “JUMPER.” With not a word of dialogue, we’re introduced to the staid life of a bourgeois family, a world which is “invaded by an enigmatic visitor whose presence creates an unnerving effect on each of them.” Inspired by David Hockney’s ‘Swimming Pool Series’ and Pier Paolo Pasolini film Teorema, beautifully, and confusingly shot, colour and pattern are introduced with Saunders trademark knits, shades which seep into the production’s own striking color palette. Press play.

Words by Lena Dystant