Earlier in the year we got word that Josh Brolin would star as Cable in the upcoming Deadpool followup, Deadpool 2, in addition to other Fox Marvel pictures including the rumored X-Force, as the deal is ultimately for four movies. This will in turn have Brolin playing two Marvel characters simultaneously, however, as he is also starring as Thanos in the Avengers films.

Regardless, yesterday we were blessed with our first official look at the 49-year-old actor as Cable from Deadpool 2. The reveal acts as a followup to the recent glimpse of Zazie Beetz as Domino in the same picture.

Appropriately, the series’ leading man, Ryan Reynolds, took to social media to share the image of Cable, while co-creator Rob Liefeld also blessed with a pair of posts.

The textbook definition of NAILED IT!!! #CABLE #joshbrolin #deadpool #xforce #ryanreynolds #marvel #robliefeld

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With Deadpool 2 scheduled to arrive June 1 of next year, the Cable unveiling is of course a welcomed sight to fans. Appropriately, here we showcase some of the best social media reactions to the first official look at Brolin’s new Marvel portrayal. After checking out the roundup, be sure to hit us with your thoughts on Brolin as Cable.

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