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Warner Bros. have launched a new interactive pop-up exhibit celebrating the music of its most iconic shorts and films. Dubbed “Get Animated Invasion,” the installation features the work of five creators in Crystal Wagner, Reality to Idea by Joshua Vides, Confetti System, Amelia Muqbel, and Sam Taylor, each reinterpreting animated Warner Bros. worlds through their eyes.

Here, we preview Josh VidesSpace Jam exhibit, which serves as a nod to the iconic movie’s GRAMMY Award-winning R&B soundtrack. Vides puts his spin on the 2-D universe of the Tunesquad and Monstars with a galactic half-court space featuring original sketches, toy figures, and artifacts including actual shoes from the film.

“I’m a huge Space Jam fan so once I got the phone call it made 100% sense to do this,” says Vides. “How does my style and Space Jam come together to be able to create this space that people are able to experience? The latest concept idea I’m doing is called ‘Reality to Idea,’ which brings initial sketches to life so we did that first and foremost with the white priority background with the black lines. To inject the Space Jam ethos into the entire experience, we inverted what I usually do and added black lighting for that astro-space feeling.”

The Get Animated Invasion by Warner Bros. is open through September 9 at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles.

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