For over a decade, French artist JR has been showcasing his awe-inspiring photographic collages and creations in public spaces all around the world. From favelas in Rio and slums in Kenya, to the chic streets of New York or downtown Shanghai, his work attempts to prove his mantra that "the street is largest art gallery in the world."

This time, JR will turn one of the largest art galleries in the world into an installation itself, as he attempts to hide the glass pyramid of Paris's Louvre museum using an enormous optical illusion.

The I. M. Pei-designed pyramid will be covered in thousands of paper sheets, which, when placed together, will recreate the Louvre's historic palace standing just behind it. When viewed from a certain angle, the Louvre's glass pyramid will essentially vanish.

The installation is currently in progress and is set to be on show to the public from May 25 to June 27. Stay tuned for the pictures of the finished project.

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