jusin bieber hearnow Justin Bieber
Getty Images / James Devaney

If you’ve ever wondered what Justin Bieber smells like — hell, if you’ve ever wanted to smell like Justin Bieber yourself — the musician’s latest endeavor will grant you that privilege. He’s just dropped a new Schmidt’s deodorant. It’s called Here+Now and it’s available to buy for a limited time before its official launch on October 1.

Described on the Schmidt website as smelling “mellow and woodsy” the scent is a mix of spicy citrus, warm florals, and woody base notes. As is per for Schmidt’s brand, the formula is aluminum-free and created without any artificial fragrances. It’s also certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Biebs first teased the deodorant’s arrival via a post on Instagram back in May. You can order your own bar for $10.99 on the Schmidt website now (for the next 24 hours only).

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