In her bio on Instagram, Kaash Paige claims that she makes "music for the soul." Anyone who has spent some quality time riding with the Parked Car Convos EP can attest that this is not false as she speaks to the levels of the human connection with full transparency. Like many of the young R&B stars that came before her, the 18-year-old is fixated on love, but possesses an even deeper understanding of intimacy and all its moving parts from the perspective of queer relationships.

Today, we're premiering Paige's new music video for "64'." The Sonic Major-produced track is one of the more high energy songs on the project, depicting the fantasy of taking your boo for the ride of their life in the fast lane of fame. As expected, the accompanying visual consists of Paige driving around in a 1964 Chevrolet Impala with her clique in tow and taking over a club.

"Being in ya own world, with different shawties enjoying life... The inspiration behind the song was most def Easy E and me just being in Cali catching a vibe," she said in an email to Highsnobiety. "They used to live life and have fun, so I had to recreate that and put it into a song as well as video.”

Scroll down to watch all the action unfold.

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