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For a special edition of our ongoing Meet the Muse series, we present the talented singer/songwriter and G.O.O.D. Music signee Kacy Hill. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, the former American Apparel model got her first big break in the music industry working as a backup dancer on Kanye’s “Yeezus Tour” back in 2013.

After getting a cosign from ‘Ye himself, Kacy has been buzzing all throughout the blogosphere, earning praise for her eclectic sound that melds dream pop, R&B and electronica.

We asked Kacy 10 questions in order to get to know her a little more and see what’s on her music agenda. See what she had to say below and check out the previous Meet the Muse installment with Adrienne Villenueva.

How old were you when you realized that you wanted to pursue music as a profession?

I didn’t realize that music was something I could actually pursue until I was 19.

How did you come to this realization?

I started writing songs that year and it was the first time that I wasn’t completely frustrated learning something – I just embraced it and it was all I thought of. I’m a really competitive person by nature, so if I’m not good at something the first few tries, I have a tough time pursuing it. Songwriting was different, though; there’s always been something really natural about saying how I feel. I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I think it came easily.

Favorite city you’ve been to so far?

Nashville! Between my affinity for barbecue and love for homey towns, Nashville really stole my heart.

Favorite artists at the moment?

Børns, Florence + The Machine, Jack Garratt, Grimes and Tom Misch. Santigold’s new single “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” has been my jam. I listen to a lot of different stuff, though. It’s hard for me to pick!

What are your five essential items to bring when traveling?

Ginger, melatonin, two bottles of Perrier, lots of socks and a big fluffy jacket.

Favorite album of all time?

“Third Eye Blind” by Third Eye Blind or “Play” by Moby… I have a really hard time picking favorites of anything, so if you were to ask me next week, I would probably have a completely different answer.

How did signing with G.O.O.D. Music come about? What have you taken from the experience thus far?

I went on tour with Kanye as one of his background models, under Vanessa Beecroft’s creative direction. I had been writing music for a short time before that and he heard my music through some people on tour. One thing lead to another and I got signed after the first leg of tour.

I think what I’ve taken from the whole experience is the importance of being a true artist and the value in standing behind my decisions. When I believe in what I’m doing and put the work into everything to make an incredible product, other people follow suit.

Dream collaboration?

Such a hard one! I would probably die if I could collaborate with a band I grew up listening to, like Death Cab for Cutie or Third Eye Blind.

What do you want to achieve in the next five years?

So much…but mostly, I want my music to be massive. Everything follows that. Music first.

In one word, how would you like a listener to feel after they’ve listened to your music?


Stream Kacy’s debut EP, Bloo, below.

Words by Nico Amarca
Fashion Editor, North America