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When KALLITECHNIS thinks about her place in the world, she views it from a global perspective. There’s no better example of this mindset than her Evil Needle-produced single, “running.” The track is an easy fix for an adrenaline rush as KALLITECHNIS vocalizes the power of connectivity and fulfillment. Today, we’re premiering the accompanying visual directed by Jean-Benoit Proulx and Antoine Ryan which might as well be a promotion for running because KALLITECHNIS literally never stops unless she’s taking a quick dance break.

“I’m running for everything human,” she explained in an email. “I’m aiming for the things that fulfill us as humans, and I’m mostly running for the manifestation of dreams; the same ones society shuts down by deeming them impossible or lofty. I want people to really listen while watching this video. I want them to feel inspired, understood, and light enough to soar into the realm of possibility. Running is about creating my own reality, and in doing so, showing people that they can create their own worlds too. In a sense, I’m running so that someone else can fly.”

The motivational anthem is featured on KALLITECHNIS’s forthcoming technicolo(u)r EP. Stay tuned here for more updates on the project and scroll down to watch the full narrative.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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