Last week, Highsnobiety teamed up with MACHINE-A / SHOWstudio, H. LORENZO and D /ARK /CONCEPT to launch South Korean fashion designer KANGHYUK’s inaugural collection.

The rising designer first came into the spotlight after graduating from the Royal College of Arts in 2016. KANGHYUK is known for his innovative designs made from airbags — he painstakingly dissembles airbags from oxygen tanks, reworking them from their original patterns into looks that are both ethereal and utilitarian.

On the day, KANGHYUK's work was displayed in London's MACHINE-A and online at SHOWstudio, while in Los Angeles there was a special installation and launch party at H. LORENZO's gallery on Sunset Plaza.

In other fashion news, PUMA profits jump 92.2 percent and it’s not hard to see why.

  • Photography:Gabriel Carasso for SHOWstudio
  • Video:Nick Night, SHOWstudio - KANGHYUK Collection 1
  • Model:David Yang
  • Installation Images:Matthew Kavanagh for H. Lorenzo

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