If you were given the task of proving that an artificial intelligence program could do something better than a human, what task would you assign it? Playing chess? Math? Dating advice? 17-year old Robbie Barrat was faced with a similar query, and he chose to create a bot whose task would be rapping. And to ensure that it could do so successfully, he programmed it entirely with Kanye West lyrics.

Essentially made for a bet in his high school programming club, Barrat's A.I. robot is now a self-rapping machine, all through the power of the choicest Yeezy bars. He began by feeding the program upwards of 6,000 Kanye lyrics. Speaking to Quartz about the project, Barrat explained that "originally it just rearranged existing rap lyrics, but now it can actually write word-by-word," even inserting pauses where a real human would.

Watch the video below to see what the world's first Kanye-lyrics bot actually sounds like, because, you know, science:

In other music news, Drake's 'More Life' is finally here. Stream the massive playlist project in its entirety right here.

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