A few weeks ago we published a report from StockX's Josh Luber, which used sales data to prove that the Jordan hype is slowing down. StockX provides the data for Highsnobiety's quarterly sneaker reports, and are industry experts when it comes to the sneaker game.

Luber argued that not only is the Jordan hype slowing down, but that adidas is making a big impact on the resell market — thanks in no part to a certain Kanye West. Many experts have argued that Kanye will have little — or no — impact on adidas's business beyond generating some extra buzz, but Josh thinks otherwise — "Kanye is our generation's Jordan," he says.

Recently, Josh sat down with footwear retail expert Neil Schartz to discuss the impact Kanye's had on the Three Stripes. See below for an excerpt from the interview, and head over to StockX to see the story in full.


Josh: Outside of the perennial adidas classics, what are some of the other models that you think are driving the Three Stripes forward?

Neil: The new adidas NMD, or Nomad as it is called, appears to be on the brink of the new breakout shoe that will propel adidas forward for the next year or so. Right now, the NMD is being released in limited quantities and to a limited number of retailers. And if you subscribe to the theory that a rising tide lifts all boats, then just watch the Ultra BOOST, BOOST ZG and Pure BOOST take their place in the adidas stable of quality styles. The BOOST product from adidas has finally seemed to catch on, especially as a casual running style.

Josh: And what about Kanye and the Yeezy?

Neil: I follow the StockX data. I know Yeezys resell for thousands of dollars. I finally started to put two and two together. It is the success of the adidas partnership with Kanye West that is contributing to this positive story. When you combine that with the fact that Kim Kardashian has 80million+ Instagram followers, you start to see what's going on. The shoes are cool but, frankly, the influence is more important. [Ed. - Kim has 47.5M Twitter followers; 29M Facebook; 80.5M IG; Kanye has 25M Twitter; 9.5M Facebook; not on IG].

Josh: Others have argued that adidas sales increase is a function of better product – NMD, BOOST, etc. Is that true?

Neil: Absolutely. But it’s not the only factor. How do you explain such a large increase in classics? Those products have been there forever. When a Millennial can’t get a Yeezy at retail, he/she is much more likely to wear another adidas product.

Josh: So what’s your overall opinion of Kanye as an ambassador for adidas?

Neil: Kudos to adidas! They found the one messenger for the brand that could finally find the answer to marketing to Millennials. It’s not just the message...it’s also about the messenger. Product, message, messenger. adidas is nailing all three right now.

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  • Cover Image:Dominik Schulte / Highsnobiety.com

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