UPDATE 6/6/17: “Can U Be” is no longer available online, but the other two tracks are still live.

Might Yeezy season be approaching? Just a month after Kanye West was rumored to be working on new music on in Wyoming, a handful of never-before-heard tracks have surfaced online.

The first sample, titled “Can U Be,” was initially teased on Instagram by Kanye last year and clocks in at less than a minute. The second track, “Hold Tight,” features Young Thug and Migos with ‘Ye providing a heavily autotuned chorus hook. The final cut, “Euro Switch Hands,” sees A$AP Rocky spit some bars over a dark and jazzy groove that wouldn’t sound out of place on 2013’s Yeezus album.

Whether the tracks are taken from the aforementioned Wyoming sessions remains to be seen, although it would appear more likely they were laid down at some point last year. Music Mafia, who provided the leaks, are the same people who hacked Drake’s Twitter account on Friday. Listen below before the songs are removed.

Meanwhile, it emerged yesterday that Kanye was planning on designing a sports uniform for Calabasas High School.

  • Main and Featured Image: Billboard