kanye west coachella sunday service grass bid Coachella 2019 ebay
Getty Images / Rich Fury

You can bid on a piece of grass from Kanye West’s Coachella Sunday Service on eBay right now. An entrepreneurial Coachella attendee has already auctioned off a bag of the what they described as “Holy Grass” for $100 plus shipping.

Unlike your ordinary holy relic, the grass did not include any kind of verification aside from the below image and its accompanying description – “a very rare item! Blessed on Easter Sunday by the god himself, KANYE WEST!” The seller has now put up an additional bag with bidding closing on Friday, May 3.

West is rumored to be starting his own church and so paraphernalia from this formative event might actually be a savvy investment.

In other news, Chinatown Market founder Mike Cherman and Adam Petrick, global director of brand marketing at Puma, pulled up by our office to drop some deep knowledge. Check below.