yeezy home kanye west torn down

Kanye West‘s YEEZY Home social housing project might be torn down before its even opened, TMZ reports. Apparently West neglected to get a proper building permit, meaning that the wooden dome structures violate the building code.

According to TMZ, several neighbors living adjacent to the Calabasas spot complained of late-night construction work to the L.A. County Dept. of Public Works, which resulted in inspectors coming out to access the situation. If West fails to obtain the correct permit by September 15, the Star Wars-inspired project will be torn down.

Inspectors responding to the first complaint were apparently told by an on-site manager that the YEEZY Home project was a “production” project and therefore temporary. The second, which took place one week ago, found the structures sitting atop concrete platforms and discerned that the project was not temporary after all. For permanent projects a building permit is required, but West and his team never applied for one.

TMZ says that sources claim the current wooden structures are simply prototypes and the concrete bases are for safety measures. They state that everything will be removed “eventually.”

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