Earlier this year, Italian sportswear label Kappa revealed its three-way collaboration with the cult Copenhagen record label, Posh Isolation, and A.Four Labs, the experimental Japanese menswear label helmed by Kazuki Kuraishi and British artist Lucas Price. Now, Highsnobiety is proud to present the second chapter in that project: an exclusive two-piece tracksuit created in collaboration with us and in a special edition colorway.

Inspired by chance encounters and a shared passion for art, music, and culture, the collaboration brings elements of each team’s identity into the mix.


Operating out of Copenhagen, Denmark, the Posh Isolation collective eschews traditional label models in favor of a philosophy of “friendship”—no one has ever been signed to the label, and its genre is as loosely defined as possible, facilitating sincere support of friends and family, and allowing the team to release whatever music they like, unfettered by stylistic boundaries.

Likewise, A.Four Labs was launched a few years back by Japanese fashion design polymath Kazuki Kuraishi after making acquaintances with Lucas Price. With a resumé that includes extensive work for adidas Originals and Heather Grey Wall, as well as overseeing the rebirth of premium cashmere label CASH CA, Kuraishi has long been renowned for his ability to put a sharp, contemporary tilt on classic menswear staples.

Price’s evolution as an artist tells a similar story. Blending disparate elements of pop-culture, photorealistic painting, religious iconography and political ephemera, has granted him an imitable perspective that makes him just as comfortable designing t-shirt graphics as he is creating fine art. Combined with the open-source spirit of Posh Isolation and the enduring legacy of Kappa, the collaboration has created a rich space for the exchange of ideas and discovery of new approaches to a familiar story.

Continuing the multifaceted theme of the original collaboration, this new release offers A.Four’s unique sartorial take on the classic Kappa tracksuit. Made in Japan from premium materials, it features a polyester construction with screen-printed details.

Central to the tracksuit is the webbing tape strip that runs down the jacket sleeves and pant legs, featuring a repeating pattern of an inverted Kappa logo (a signature technique of Kazuki Kuraishi, as the logo then loosely resembles the initials “A4”), as well as a set of geographical coordinates – a trademark of Posh Isolation’s designs – repeated on a webbing tape detail on the jacket’s left sleeve.

Finishing touches to each piece include branding hits for A.Four, Kappa and Posh Isolation across each garment, as well as the HighSnobiety logo on the jacket’s left sleeve and the pants’ right leg. Complementing the subdued color palette of the first release, this latest collection is presented in an exclusive navy blue colorway, accented with contrast orange stitching.

A.Four Labs meets Posh Isolation for Kappa released this past weekend at Anchoret Beijing, and is available now exclusively from Chinese stockists.

Words by Gregk Foley

Gregk Foley is a writer based in Berlin whose work explores the intersections of style, culture, politics and identity.

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