kari faux leave me alone video JPEGMAFIA

Kari Faux has made a recurring motif out of the telephone. The “No Small Talk” rapper used her cell as a kind of storytelling device in her smash song from 2014. Five years later the relationship seems strained.

In “LEAVE ME ALONE” Faux is practicing her own brand of self-care. The video, directed by Dylan McGale, is buoyed by her deadpan delivery as she takes literal aim at her phone, smashing it into pieces with a baseball bat. Keep an eye out towards the end as the clip includes a cameo by Baltimore rapper JPEGMAFIA, who has been blowing up her cell.

The video comes as Kari Faux prepares for the release of her first new project since 2017: the CRY 4 HELP EP. Keep an eye out for its drop on March 8.

Weekend Staff Writer

Isabelle is an Australian writer based in Berlin.