Parisian photographer Karl Hab returns with a new photo set, lensing tennis courts, football fields and basketball courts from the sky.

The aerial gallery reveals birdseye views, showing a unique perspective of the places we love to play. Below, Karl explains how the beauty and geometry of these courts caught his eye.

"It’s really about the beauty of the lines, and of the courts. The discovery was slightly accidental, because I was flying and I couldn't help but notice these crazy lines, so I captured them.

The playing fields caught my eyes during my first helicopter flight back in 2013. It's always amazing to see the grounds of primary schools from that perspective, joyful and full of color. The hues are very lively, and you can get lost in the geometrical forms, circles, rectangles, and dotted lines.

The helicopter used was a Robison R22, and we removed the doors for ease of shooting. Mostly taken with a Canon 5DSR and 100-400mm lens."

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