Muralist Katrien Vanderlinden has recently transformed a neighborhood basketball court in Aalst, Belgium, ultimately further livening up the city. Utilizing 137 liters of paint, the court now boasts a myriad of bright shades, segmented by a series of geometric lines.

Designed in conjunction with the city's youth department, the project is being described as a "colorful facelift," located between a grammar school and a relief center for refugees.

"I had to work within the rectangle of the court, that was the natural canvas and I also wanted to maintain the lines of the basket game," says Vanderlinden. "I like the fact that you can play the basketball game and that this design creates extra spaces for children to make up their own games. the colors are an ode to the memphis style, back in the 80s, when basketball and hip hop was booming."

Vanderlinden's project is but an extension of a recent trend which finds basketball courts from all across the globe being artistically overtaken.

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