Katy Perry released a music video for “Hey Hey Hey,” an underwhelming single from her forgettable album Witness.

The visuals are, to put it kindly, less than stellar, with over-the-top production and a lavishly nonsensical plot making the music video one of the weirdest things to come out this year. But all that is to be expected from an artist like Katy Perry, who is famous for her eccentricity.

Watch the video above and then browse through our selection of the most WTF moments from Katy Perry’s latest music video.

The in-your-face product placement

It’s 2017 – we get it, product placements are just a part of every day life. But Katy Perry’s video takes it to the extreme with an estimated 1,000 product placements in the three minute long video. Okay, maybe it’s just 10 but that still seems like a lot for a single music video.

Ignoring the fact that this video is obviously meant to take place during the French Revolution and we’re (almost) certain that there weren’t any smartphones around back then, the product placements very obviously detract from the main message of the music video (but maybe that’s a good thing?).

The dude that is DTF

Not only is his make up and outfit totally creepy, but Prince Piggy’s role as the villain is pushed to the extreme when he signals Perry that he is indeed “DTF” by arranging his vegetables on his plate in an gravity-defying way.

Seriously, how do the peas stay on his plate like that??

The air horn rap trumpet

The first 15 seconds sound like Katy Perry spent a little too much time playing around with Virtual DJ (shoutout 13-year old me) thanks to the use of a rap air horn in place of a trumpet sound for her morning wake up call.

The entire thing screams “fellow kids” and not in a good way.

Perry’s sword fighting skills

It’s painfully obvious Perry has never held a sword before but, to be honest, it’s 2017 and no one would have expected her to. That still doesn’t excuse her waving around the sword like it’s some sort of ribbon.

In other news, Jimmy Fallon can’t keep a straight face while Cardi B explains where she got her name from.

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