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Princess of Pop and all-around California gurl Katy Perry has been incredibly vocal about voting in the upcoming U.S. Presidential election all year long. Aside from dedicating multiple posts on her Instagram to Hillary Clinton, she gave a performance and delivered a speech in favor of Clinton at this year’s Democratic National Convention.

Her latest endeavor to drum up support to vote, however, is considerably more lighthearted. Made in collaboration with Funny or Die, Perry has stripped all the way down to her birthday suit in a voting booth in a hilarious new video.

The video depicts Perry stressing just how easy it is to get out and vote by showing that anyone can literally roll out of bed and show up to the polls in whatever they slept in. A parade of citizens in various states of disarray and disheveled ensembles soon follows, each more ridiculous than the last.

When it comes time for Perry to vote, she’s reminded that she sleeps naked, which suffice to say does not end well for her. And for an extra laugh, stick around to see who else attempted to vote naked at video’s end.

Watch the full clip below via Funny or Die:

In related news, Vic Mensa has also released a video urging fans to get out to vote, though his is slightly more serious in tone. Watch it right here.

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