Getty Images / Ari Perilstein

Towards the end of last year, Kaytranada released his NOTHIN LIKE U / CHANCES EP, which included vocal assistance from Ty Dolla $ign and Shay Lia. Now we’re back with new material from the Haitian-Canadian DJ/producer, courtesy of a track titled “Well I Bet Ya.”

While Kaytranada has yet to speak on the tune, we know that it will appear on the Gangster Music Vol. 1 compilation from an artist known as Gangster Doodles, who draws rappers, athletes and other well-known figures on Post-it Notes. According to Gangster Doodles, Gangster Music Vol. 1 is available for pre-order prior to its March 1 release. In addition to Kaytranada, the project features Father, Max B, Blu, Madlib, Quelle Chris and more.

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