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“The FOURNESS is more focused on men’s fashion elements – I design detailed tailored jacket and shirts, adding a stronger preference of fabric, stitching and silhouette” Kazuki Kuraishi tells us when we sat down with him earlier this month. No doubt Mr.Kuraishi is a talented man, with a portfolio of designs to put anyone to shame. His work with Clark’s, Adidas, Neighbourhood, Cash Ca and A.FOUR have sailed him into a special spot in menswear heaven, no question. Now, after years of lending his talents to existing names, he launches a collection of his own garments under the title The FOURNESS.

Taking a look at the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, it’s clear what Kuraishi means by the statement above. In each garment, it’s obvious that every detail has been carefully thought out, while still managing to portray a laid-back tone. Highlighting this, an over-sized grey blazer with an incredible back open pleat detail, the tan hooded jacket with leather detailing on the cuffs and sleeve panel and the selection of two-button tops, including a grey wool option with tie closure. Keep an eye out for the brand’s official launch this January.

Words by Glenys Johnson