If a picture of Keanu Reeves straddling a horse and pulling a gun on a biker doesn't get you pumped for John Wick 3, then nothing will. While filming his own stunts for the threequel in New York City — which you can peep in the video below — Reeves caught the attention of action movie fans everywhere.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't long before the epic moment was turned into a meme. Let's face it, what's more meme-worthy than the world's greatest assassin bringing a horse to a motorcycle fight? Exactly.

The third installment is officially titled John Wick 3: Parabellum, and while we don't know a huge amount about the narrative, we do know that Reeves' titular Wick is still on the run, and he must fight his way out of New York City thanks to a $14 million contract on his head.

Peep the best Keanu Reeves on a horse memes below.

The hype is real

Time traveling Wick

John Wick, the Brony addition

The puns are out

One more time for the guys in the back

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