If there was one shining light to emerge from the utter shitstorm that was last Sunday's presidential debate, it came in the form of the bespectacled, red cardigan-wearing hunk of love that was (the brilliantly named) Ken Bone. While the actual candidates stood on stage trading rhetorical insults like two shady car salesmen competing for a customer, the mustachioed Bone rose above the frippery with some real talk that restored a degree of normality and subsequently marked him out as a beacon of hope.

Or so we thought.

During the past week, Bone has captured the nation's hearts — a living, breathing oasis of common sense for the disenfranchised in what is without doubt the most depressing presidential debate in the history of America. Having accumulated an absurd 238,000 Twitter followers in the time since his TV appearence, the stage was set for Bone to meet his virtual acolytes directly via a Reddit AMA. Or, as the man himself put it, an invite into the #BoneZone:

So far, so good. Except it was at this point where things started to unravel. Rather than carrying out the session with a fresh account, Bone instead logged on using his pre-fame moniker of "StanGibson18," thus leaving his previous Reddit activity open for scrutinization. As well as outing himself as a Dragon Ball Z fan, the power plant worker could also be clocked visiting the Reddit "preggoporn" (referring to women there as "beautiful human submarines") and "realgirls" subforums, while he also weighed in on the shooting of Treyvon Martin, describing "bad guy" George Zimmerman's actions as "legally justified." Talk about skeletons (or bones) in the closet.

Check out Bone's full Reddit AMA here, and then have a look back at our Twitter recap of the first debate.

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