"All The Stars" / Kendrick Lamar

Earlier this year, British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor filed a lawsuit against Kendrick Lamar, SZA, and Top Dawg Entertainment, alleging that they copied her “Constellations” series of paintings in the music video for “All the Stars”, the lead single on the Black Panther soundtrack.

However, in the court papers filed last week and sourced by Artnet, Lamar and his co-defendants state that they didn’t plagiarize Viktor’s work, but if they did it would constitute fair use.

Viktor claims that Marvel approached her twice to use her artwork for the film and related promotional materials, but she turned them down both times. The use of her artwork’s likeness has been called “an egregious violation of federal law and an affront to the Artist, her livelihood, her legacy, and to artists everywhere.”

“The Infringing Video and the Movie promotes (and profits from) themes of black and female empowerment and the end of racist and gender exploitation, themes particularly topical in the current environment,” states the artist’s complaint. “Yet, in a bitter irony, the Defendants have ignored the wishes of the Artist, herself a Black African woman, whose life’s work is founded on an examination of the political and historical preconceptions of ‘blackness,’ liberation, and womanhood.”

Watch the video for “All The Stars” below and let us know if you see similarities between it and Viktor’s “Constellations” series.

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