Japan never ceases to amaze with its fast food culinary delights. From cherry pie Frappucinos, Coca-Cola coffee and even cough drop -flavored Kit Kats, the country has you covered for every food whim.

But what if all you want to do is soak in a long, hot fried chicken-scented bath? Well, KFC has now made that a possibility. The chicken restaurant has teamed up with Japanese retailer Village Vanguard to produce limited-edition fried chicken-scented bath bombs in the shape of a chicken drumstick.

Unfortunately, not everyone can indulge in a KFC bubble bath. Only 100 of the bombs were made and will only be available to 100 lucky raffle winners.

If you happen to be Japan-based, enter by following the official KFC Japan Twitter profile between November 1 and 15, and retweet the above tweet with these hashtags: #KFCのアノ香りand #秘伝のコンビパック.

In other fast food news, McDonald’s McRib is back and here’s where you can get it.

  • Main & Featured Image:KFC Japan

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