NYC-based street artist Kidult took to Instagram to unveil an extremely limited T-shirt dubbed “DEATH NOTE.” Judging by earlier posts, this piece will be given away for free as part of a scavenger hunt. Only 100 pieces will be available.

The T-shirt (below) features the names of high-end designers and brands, with a skeleton scoring them out in the artist’s famous red “paint” as if it were a hit list. Presumably this is where the name for Kidult’s latest project comes from.


The theme of the tee’s graphic is perfectly in line with Kidult’s ongoing battle with the establishment and highlights his anti-capitalist sentiments.

In a statement on his website, the artist wrote: “My message is addressed to all, without any exceptions. I want to reach people and open their eyes to what is happening to our society, to wake them up from that capitalist coma they are in.”

Check out the T-shirt above, which is set to drop tomorrow, March 7, and keep an eye out for updates on how this scavenger hunt will eventually go down.

In other news, we called Balenciaga’s FW18 hotline and here is what it said.

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