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Kiehl’s is a very hard word for me to spell. I think it’s the weird “hl” combo, but it gets me every damn time. I feel relieved I can be honest in such a public forum. Now, on with the honest review.

Any container with the word “Kiehl’s” on it has become a fixture in the homes of most members of the Selectism team, and for good reason. There’s a certain approachable and trustworthy vibe to its product and boutiques — something we can’t say for all high(er) end apothecaries. Kiehl’s doesn’t need any corny TV ads like certain other men’s commercial brands; its products speak for themselves. The New York skincare label is dedicated to quality goods that work: you won’t find any overly-scented or irritating concoctions.

To my surprise, Kiehl’s recently introduced a new body wash/shampoo combo for men called Body Fuel. The terms “all-in-one” or “2-in-1” typically scream gimmick but not in this case. The lightly scented formula contains menthol, zinc and caffeine to produce an invigorating “body high.” While I didn’t hop out of the shower intoxicated, this stuff does a pretty decent job of waking me up (a very difficult task). The lather is different than anything I’ve ever tried — think a very light shaving cream. Overall, I was surprised that a 2-in-1 system would impress this much. Time to clean out my shower rack as this is all I really need on there. A little can go a long way.

Shop the stuff directly through Kiehl’s for $8.

Words by Thomas Welch