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A recap of the Republican National Convention

The Republican national convention opened in Cleveland last night, sparking a week of pageantry and formalities that will see Trump crowned as the party's Presidential nominee. The opening night reflected much of Trump's campaign: there was fear mongering, the demonization of muslims and immigrants, Hillary-bashing, as well as Melania Trump plagiarizing a speech that Michelle Obama gave eight years ago. What a circus. – New York Times

RNC gets racist from the off

Republicans wasted no time in behaving like a bunch of yokels at their national convention, with Iowa's six-term congressman, Steve King asking "where did any other sub-group of people" –other than white people, that is– "contribute more to civilization." Mocking republicans for statements such as these is beyond redundant at this point, so I invite you to join me in humming with our eyes closed as we wait for them to die out. Don't worry, it shouldn't be long. – Washington Post

KimYe may face persecution

Yesterday we reported on a shit storm brewed up by Kim K after she posted a video of a telephone conversation between Kanye and Taylor Swift, with the latter approving a lyric that refers to her as "that bitch" despite publicly protesting otherwise. Well, it looks like KimYe could be in legal trouble after it transpired that the video violates the California Wiretapping Act. – Gizmodo

Brexit strengthening EU ties

A potential knock-on effect that terrified the rest of the EU following Britain's vote to leave the union was other countries doing the same, but it appears that the opposite is true and the utter stupidity of the decision has actually strengthened its members' resolve to stay. This is particularly pronounced in Italy, which is majorly good news for the EU as its citizens probably have more reason to feel aggrieved than most and its departure really could lead to an unravelling. – The Guardian

Netflix price rise turns off subscribers

The rising price of Netflix subscriptions, which will cost a dollar or two more each month by the end of this year isn't such a miserly sum for some people as 820,000 fewer people have joined the online streaming service than initially predicted, slashing the company's share price by 13% in after-hours trading. – BBC News

Deliveroo starts delivering booze in the UK

Fast food delivery service, Deliveroo, has just launched a new innovation to its business in the UK: booze delivery. This will no doubt be a major hit as not only does it make life s0 much less laborious, it also means that problem drinkers can avoid the judgemental eyes of the person working at their local liquor store – TechCrunch


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