Do you ever find yourself gazing down forlornly at your bento box and thinking, "Man, I wish there was some Kit Kat sushi in here"? No? Well, neither do we, because let's be honest, that would be a completely random thought process. However, on the minuscule off chance that you've done just that, then good news abounds, as the confectionery giant Nestle is getting set to launch a selection of limited-edition sushi Kit Kats in Tokyo next month.

The treats will be released to celebrate the launch of a new specialty store, and are inspired by three OG sushi types: Tamago (egg), Uni (sea urchin), and Maguro (tuna). Now, before you go vomiting over your desk, rest assured that's not how the sushi actually tastes. The Maguro consists of delicious raspberry Kit Kats on white chocolate puffed rice; the Tamago is pumpkin pudding flavored with additional seaweed; and Uni consists of melon and mascarpone cheese, again wrapped in seaweed. Weird, granted, but curiously appetizing.

The confections are only on offer to those who spend 3,000 yen (approx. $26) at the Ginza shop and are available in highly limited quantities between February 2 and February 4. Don't forget your wasabi. Or, maybe not.

Meanwhile, McDonald's is giving away 10,000 free bottles of Big Mac sauce. Learn how you can cop at the link.

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