Following up on last year's Mercer II pant, KITH has unveiled the third iteration of its very first apparel silhouette. Aptly named the Mercer III, the pant follows many of the same stylistic cues as its predecessor, with the exception of one noticeable difference: an adjustable strap along the ankle hem. While an elastic cinch cuff remains intact, wearers now have more versatility than ever before as to how narrow they like their leg openings.

KITH recommends that those who like to sport boots try the first of three metal snaps on for size, while those who have a preference for trainers opt for the third clasp, which offers a more streamlined appearance. Additional details include custom-milled stretch cotton twill construction, an adjustable waistband, and accentuated knee darts. The first drop will include four colorways: black, navy, cinder and army. The Mercer III's are currently available at KITH stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with an online release to occur Friday, September 11.

In other KITH news, the brand is poised to open up a women's store this December.

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