The unlikely Kmart x Supreme debacle rumbles on.

If you missed it on Monday, a lucky Reddit user by the name of Cokeslurpees stumbled upon a bounty of Supreme blanks at their local Kmart — priced at a mere $4 each. Speculation suggests the tees ended up there after the big box retailer purchased a liquidation lot from American Apparel — a rumored Sup supplier. The blanks, it would appear, were initially earmarked for Supreme's Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 collections.

Now, it seems the department store is taking action and doing what it should have done in the first place: selling the items with the tags cut off. Posting on Reddit, user Kauribe showcased his butchered find.

After a number of the T-shirts were seen on eBay fetching more than 10 times their initial retail price, it appears likely Supreme got wind of the situation and nipped it in the bud.


Did you cop any of the shirts? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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