Kokuyo gloo stationary nendo
Nendo / Akihiro Yoshida

In a bid to unify the sticky stationery produced by various brands for retailer KOKUYO, Japanese studio Nendo has created a streamlined solution that lends a sleek, minimal aesthetic to glues and sticky tapes.

The project is called GLOO and focuses exclusively on KOKUYO's adhesive products. By asking questions such as “Where is the cap placed when it’s off from the product?” or “Is the current shape really easy to hold and carry?” Nendo's idea was to erase the subtle stresses involved in, uh, sticking things to other things by making the whole process functional and minimal.

Each piece in the collection is finished in matte white with colored accents to represent the object's functionality: gray means standard, red means strong adhesion, and light blue means re-stickable.

Do you dig Nendo's uber-minimal stationery designs? Let us know in the comments.

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