Fabian Gatermann, base23, Layercake, and Odour Odessa are but a few of the artists who’ve come together for KUNSTLABOR, a giant exhibition that turns a former holding company’s HQ into a celebration of contemporary art.

Serving as one of Munich, Germany’s biggest art projects ever, KUNSTLABOR arrives via the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA) and features work from 50 artists, all of whom explore the theme of “spatial awareness” via their individual mediums.

Five thousand square meters of interior and exterior space on Munich’s Landsberger Strasse form the exhibition, which sees the walls of the former office complex turned into canvases and the furniture into sculptures and installations.

The project runs until January 27. Explore the artwork via the gallery above and check it out for yourself at:

Landsbergerstr. 350
80687, Germany

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