After taking a semi-hiatus from social media, Kylie Jenner recently returned with an announcement that she and Travis Scott had welcomed a baby girl. While many had been speculating, the young TV star revealed in an Instagram post that she wanted to undergo her pregnancy "in the most positive, stress-free and healthy way."

Alongside her post, Jenner unveiled an 11-and-a-half minute video celebrating the new addition to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, which also included a few glimpses of Chicago West and her dad.

Since the announcement, her family, Travis and other notable personalities have flocked to the internet to share their joy at the news. Check their reactions out below.

Daddy Travis Scott welcomes his daughter

Older sister Kendall shows nothing but love

Mother-of-three, Kim chimes in with her support

Granny Kris can't contain her joy

Iggy Azalea had tears of joy

Youtuber Kandee Johnson gives out props

Niki DeMartino is also impressed

Khloe and Kylie have a twin moment

In case you missed it, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters recently starred in Calvin Klein's ad campaign

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