Last week, Kylie Jenner posted a 16-minute-long video tour of her Kylie Cosmetics HQ. Yet while exploring her Lip Kit kingdom delivers a great insight into the mogul's day life, the internet is focusing on one thing in particular, and it has nothing to do with her make-up brand, and everything to do with how she wakes up her daughter, Stormi.

Towards the end of the video around the 15:20 minute mark (below), Jenner opens the door to Stormi's playroom singing "rise and shine." It's a poetic moment and of course, Twitter has turned it into a meme. In fact, it's grown so popular that even Ariana Grande and Jenner herself got involved in the action.

Watch the video below and then keep scrolling to see how Twitter is reacting.

Ariana Grande wants to sample the track


Sounds better with a choir

Well, this is haunting

Works on dogs, too

The real unsung heroes

Chandler holding ur fav Kylie Jenner album

Custom ringtones and alarm clocks

And now, alarm clock in reverse

Real talk tho

It's grown so big, even Jenner got involved

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