kzia sedric perry blessing k.zia
K.ZIA / Agatha Powa

As we enter the last stretch of summer, the time is ripe for that hazy romance jam to enter our lives; a track that helps us take stock of the intense flings of the recent past and keeps us in the mood for what’s yet to come. K.ZIA and Sedric Perry, two rising stars of Berlin’s underground R&B scene, have delivered the sultry, soulful jam of our dreams with their new duet “Blessing,” a true answer to our summer prayers. Take a listen below.

“It’s essentially a song about new beginnings and being open enough to welcome new experiences with fresh eyes. It’s a love song,” says Sedric. “It’s about staying open and positive about this experience and to accept that we can’t always be in control of situations. Even if something good is happening, it may not last forever – it could just be a lesson for now, and a blessing for someone else later.”

“‘Blessing’ was a super spontaneous session,” adds K.ZIA. “[Sedric] came over to chill and vibe and by the end of the evening (and bottles and joints lol) we had this song, which to me is a perfect representation of the energy of the evening. This song is a vibe, I love it.”

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Music Editor