French photographer Julien Boudet is a Lacoste enthusiast and collector, and has been for years. He began wearing the brand in high school, although it was fairly expensive so he often times had to borrow styles from friends or even trade pieces.

Lacoste has been one of the most beloved brands in France for decades. Rap group Ärsenik was largely responsible for the popularity of the brand among the younger generation, even though Lacoste refused to sponsor the tandem because they did not want to be associated with rap music.

Years later and Boudet still holds Lacoste close to his heart. The photographer recently manned a shoot in Hong Kong, showcasing some of his personal collection. Boudet has been collecting vintage Lacoste items from the '80s, '90s, and '00s, including cardigans, full tracksuits, bombers, caps, fanny packs, and more. Here we see the Hong Kong landscape paired beautifully with the vibrant tracksuits, styled by Vanille Verloes from Paris.

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