Inspired by Rene Lacoste's sporting inventions, from the standard shirt to the tennis ball machine, Lacoste go back to their roots releasing the innovative limited edition L12 racket. Three years of research have resulted in a unique combination of what the brand describe as "two completely opposite materials," graphite and wood. Lightweight Balsa sits at the core of the frame, with Lime Tree wood used to absorb vibrations along the inner periphery, each transformed into slats carefully sanded to one-tenth of a milligram.  Commonly used in aeronautics, tough and stable High Modulus Graphite fibres are then knitted together like wool and bonded to the wood surfaces. This combination of old and new school materials results in a strong, stable, durable piece of equipment promising better control and ball speed.

Made in Albertville, located in France's south-eastern Savoie region, by a single craftsman, each piece takes five hours to produce, hence a limited run of 650. A clean design setting green against white, traditional Lacoste colors, each racket is individually numbered and marked with its weight, balance, head size and tension figures. Available from April, the racket is accompanied by a full collection of tennis gear including polos and carriers. Keep an eye on the website for the April release date.

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