It's nothing new for production companies to deck out various vehicles with high-dollar camera equipment in order to capture speed-specific scenes. Here, we in turn get a look at the world's fastest camera car, the Lamborghini "Huracam," courtesy of Incline Dynamic Outlet.

Incline Dynamic Outlet are well known for their expertise in aerial cinematography, as well as the equipment needed to accomplish such tasks. Following months of labor, the team was able to mount a $600,000 USD gyro-stabilized camera rig onto a $200,000 USD Lamborghini Huracan.

Incline Dynamic Outlet's gimbal is from Gyro Stabilized Systems, here paired with a Red Epic 8K camera body. Now, this $600k USD worth of equipment can travel at speeds of up to 201 miles per hour thanks to the Huracan's 600-horsepower V10 engine.

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