Best known for their production of fast and head-turn-worthy luxury vehicles, Lamborghini is trying their hand at a production SUV. Accordingly, here we take a look at the Italian manufacturer's impending Urus concept, as its release is drawing near.

The rendering of the Urus 6x6 highlights an undeniably unique automobile that looks like something straight out of Mad Max. The sports utility vehicle is just that, all about utility, as it boasts an overall menacing look, complete with six tires.

The concept does, however, feature a noticeably sleek and streamlined build, then showcasing a lifted chassis, extended flatbed and additional axel.

Oh, and you're probably wondering what's under the hood. Nothing much, really, just a high-powered V12 engine.

After getting a glimpse at Lamborghini's insane Urus 6x6 concept, be sure to leave us your thoughts on the mammoth vehicle.

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