When it comes to surfing, Land Rover D90s go hand in hand with the sport. Cool & Vintage gave this 2009 Land Rover D90 a facelift which conjures images of driving off-road to the beach. It's the kind of off-roader that is reminiscent of surf trucks of old and this variation does well to bring back the minimalism.

Finished in a crisp Marine Blue Glasurit Paint, the interior features Connolly leather Cognac Trim seats with Beige Raffia Carpets. Made for exploration, the 6-speed gearbox and 240cc engine is the perfect companion for thrill seekers. The D90 also comes with five new Goodyear Wrangler tires and two-piece Series type doors.

The D90 is the modern variation of the classic Defender, which ceased production in December 2015 and it's been a hit with off-road drivers. The price tag is a little hefty with the car retailing at $51,000. Head over to Cool & Vintage to purchase the D90:

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